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Monster Drawing Rally – 2017

Drawing Rally’s are a great way to raise money for a specific goal, project or organization. Monster Drawing Rally’s take it up a notch, typically involving multiple artists and multiple rounds. Held all over the world, ideal for raising money for larger goals or organizations.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art holds one every year here in Indy, with the proceeds going towards their Newfields ArtX Programming! They do 3 rounds of drawing, with 10 different local artists working at a time to create as many new illustrations as they can within their 1 hour time frame. With limited Artist slots, this is an invite-only event typically exclusive to their members but this year I was invited!!

They also allowed their artists to bring 3 illustrations completed prior, to sell and take the proceeds from. Although Monster in this reference means large “multiple artists”, I applied it literally and used it as motivation to complete the retirement of a few Creatch series characters as well as some new characters!!!

The Creatch artworks I completed in advance sold just as quickly as they were hung! This was especially thrilling as I had spent the majority of the 2 weeks prior and up until the day-of focused on completing these pieces. (Click here to see previous blog post about these artworks)


During the 1 hour drawing period, every artwork created is immediately hung for sale at a flat price and again, proceeds from those sales go towards the Newfields Artx Programming. This years rally was held at SunKing Brewery, a local popular brewing company that made for an awesome setting to get crafty in!


My niece recently drew up 3 of her own Creatch characters for me to use as inspiration for my first-ever character addition to the series.

My hope was to complete all 3 collaborative character illustrations at this event, with the proceeds being donated!

Here’s some pictures!

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And just like that- my hour was over! I couldn’t believe it, it went by so fast! And despite all my efforts to work quickly and loosely- I only finished one new character!

‘Meet Hamilton’ is the first in my next installment to the Creatch series: “Long Distant Relatives” which will include this and 2 other character additions (all of which will be inspired by the characters my niece drew up just for this)!

Milena is quite the artist herself and our conversations usually consist of talk about art, Creatch, and also… boys. I usually turn to her for Creatch advice, she can be creatively competitive with me at times and I try to encourage her through collaborative art projects. This has also been a great way for us to play together, despite the distance between us right now. Hence the installment title ‘Long Distant Relatives.’ I hope to use this as a way to connect with her and help us both cope with the heartache associated with family being long-distant.

Although I only finished Hamilton at the event, I will be finishing the other 2 in somewhat of a similar loose-drawing style and plan to sell them at similar price points with the proceeds being donated- to where, I’m not sure exactly yet (I’ll be researching places close to her). Just like the other Creatch characters, these are being introduced as “framed” portraits. These will not be available as prints or products, making them even more special!

Going forward, I plan to incorporate the Long Distant Family characters in occasional story-line illustrations- subscribe to my blog to stay updated!

I hurried to complete this one piece before the time was up, which they then rush off to post it up for sale as soon as you’re done.

I cleaned my station and went over to take a picture of it hanging on the wall and not only was it already sold- it was already gone! Just in the short period of time, Hamilton had someone waiting for me to finish so they could take her home- how cool is that?!?! I can’t wait to share all this with Milena!

It was an absolute honor to have been invited to this event and to help with their fundraising in such a fun and inspiring way!! I hope to be invited again next year, I’ll definitely have a different game plan as to what I make in hopes to whip out more than just one!

Thanks always for looking & reading!

Much love,


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