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Holiday Ladies!

This year I’m collaborating with Artist’s Collective Girls Drawin’ Girls, which inspires their members to focus on personal concepts with drawing prompts.

Both weekly and monthly themes, artists have the leisure of using these prompts as inspiration for their pin-up artworks.

Submitting your final creations places your artwork up for consideration to be featured across their various social media platforms, drawing fans and followers back to your page to learn more about your process and investing in your art!

With a world-wide following and member reach, GDG is helping me access a wider audience through their postings, website, blog, AND group exhibition art shows and events! That’s on top of encouraging me to focus on my personal ideas and concepts. Needless to say- I’m honored, and SUPER STOKED! (I’ll tell you more about them another time).

My membership doesn’t officially begin until 1/1/18, but I’ve been trying to use their prompts for the remainder of 2017 as practice for taking this on more, in the year ahead!

I had previously used their December theme of “Classic Holiday Pin-Up” to bring this illustration to life, ‘Tis’ The Season, Fuckers’.

Not only did their prompt encourage me to start drawing this up, I was also inspired to practice with marker & pencil in hopes to start incorporating these mediums more. I’ve been working on a smaller scale to produce new artworks more quickly but that’s not so easy with paint.

This weeks theme “what’s your holiday?”, was looking for ladies that represent a specific chosen holiday tradition/religion. While a lot of what my family does to celebrate come from Christian and Mormon backgrounds, religion plays zero part in our chosen holiday traditions.

It’s less about “Christmas” and more about doing the things that make us feel warm, stable, united and comfortable this time of year. Our traditions include getting together with the ones we love and celebrating in all the usual holiday ways.

My immediate family consists of 2 adults and 1 cat, so it’s fairly simple for us. Good food. Comfortable clothes. Our favorite kick-back vices. And one-another’s company.

I decorate, but in our own fun adult way.

We don’t have kids but we are big kids ourselves, sometimes we travel and sometimes we stay home doing all of the above while pretending Santa came for the cat. It’s also my guy’s birthday that day!

And that, is MY HOLIDAY.

I’ve had this idea for a holiday themed Smoking Lady Series painting for some time, and realized she would be a great representative for this week’s theme!

Using digital mediums, I bring you ‘Green Christmas’, new addition to the Smoking Lady Series.

Follow Girls Drawin’ Girls on Facebook & Instagram, there you’ll see their chosen artworks for the weekly & monthly submissions as well as other featured artworks created by our member’s (including some pretty well known female illustrators!).

They feature select artist member’s monthly, and also pop up at artist conventions all over the world! I’m especially looking forward to getting involved in their merchandising opportunities and group art projects!

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Original artworks available can be found here in my shop, where you’ll also find prints & products for many of my creations!

‘Green Christmas’ is a digital painting so there isn’t an original. I do plan to make her available as prints & merch. over time- be sure you’re also subscribed to my website to receive updates on that kind of stuff (and so much more!).

Right now the blog & website are two separate subscriptions, they will be merged in the year to come.

Thanks always for reading!

Much love,