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Creatch Series- Retirement Party

These Creatch series characters are ‘moving on,’ to what and where I don’t quite know. I’m also unsure at this time as to whether I’ll ever elaborate on that or not. But for now, while they may sneak in to a background scene here and there, this is the last time these 9 original Creatch Series Characters will be featured as focus characters in my artworks.

Continuing to use my artworks to tell the story of this series, the next Creatch installment “Retirement Party” includes 3 illustrations documenting their departure.


Retirement Party artworks, pictured from L-R or Top to Bottom depending on your device view:

‘All Packed Up’ (This is the first time we see their full condo building exterior!)

‘Where are they going?’

‘We’re Movin’ On’

This leaves 11 characters from the Original Gang of 20, and I will continue to use those 11 at this time (stay tuned!).


Note: Some of these original paintings are still available, including some of the now retired characters- own your piece of Creatch history and visit the shop!

I’ve always planned on expanding off the original gang and adding new characters, but the decision to retire these 9 came only after some time with them and realizing I hadn’t connected to them individually the way I had to the rest. Story lines started to form for most the characters but not at all for these guys.

This was hindering my creative process and progress for the series, so I decided it was time for them to go which inspired these Retirement Series artworks!

This means that anything you own with these characters IS somewhat of a collectors item so to speak, since those are the only artworks they’ll be featured in! Check out my shop to see what’s available- currently includes originals, prints & products!

NOTE: print & product options will be streamlined in the year ahead which includes Partner Sites. Currently both S6 & Modify are fully stocked with Creatch artwork products, get em’ while you can!

I’m looking forward to honing in on the others and also using this as an opportunity to finally add some new characters too!

Click here to see pictures of the process

When I received the invite from Newfields/Indianapolis Museum of Art to participate as one of their artists in their annual Monster Drawing Rally, I knew this was the perfect chance to execute the retirement artworks as well as some new characters!

The goal of this event is to create as many new illustrations as you can within a 1 hour time frame and with the proceeds from the sales going towards their ArtX Programming. They also allowed their artists to bring 3 illustrations they completed prior to sell and take the proceeds from.

I used this as motivation to complete the retirement of these characters/these artworks. All 3 sold almost as soon as they were hung!


I’ll be posting more details and pictures from this event here to my blog in the coming days, subscribe and receive updates direct to your inbox on this and more!

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