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Just for you, December Sponsors!

With enrollment opening December 2017, the monthly Perks Package’s are scheduled to go live January 2018! Sponsors who enroll this month WILL immediately have access to the referral rewards program!!!

Saturday I went LIVE on Facebook to talk about it ALL- here’s a replay in case you missed it.

Every month sponsors will have opportunities to earn extra goodies beyond their financial contributions, like by way of referrals!

This month, sponsors can earn 1 FREE additional Merch. item for ea. enrolled referral! They’re also sent a code to share with friends & family that discounts the cost of their enrollment package, not only to help them save but to also help sponsors earn more goodies! This is ONLY accessible to sponsors actively enrolled December 2017. Sponsors receive all the promotion rules and details direct to their inbox!

This is in addition to the enrollment package of 10 Merch. items!!! Click here to learn more about how you can become a Sponsor and qualify for all this amazing-ness!!!

Watch the video

Much love,


Note: This is NOT the same as subscribing to the Aries Art website– Sponsors have completed the enrollment process to qualify. You can do so via the links above.