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Become a Sponsor & SAVE BIG

Kind of like a subscription box service….. but kind of like a kickstarter….. but also, kind of not. I’ve created my very own Aries Art Perks Package Program. I’ve received requests for subscription boxes and I’ve also received requests to donate- I’ve merged the two together, allowing me to reward you for your generous contributions! In exchange for your donations, you’re subscribed to receive access to the monthly package options!! Proceeds from all of which go towards specific goals and projects!

Enroll by making your first contribution of $25.00 and get 10 misc. merch. items + added to the email list for future sponsorship package deals, exclusive to the Perks Package Program subscribers!

Emails will contain a variety of tiered choices to continue contributing monthly, if you wish. Always in exchange for majorly discounted and exclusive artworks, products and even events!!


There will also be other opportunities for enrolled sponsors to earn free goodies, like the referral program!

In addition, I’ll update you on our fund-raising progress, giving you insight to what you’re funding and the specific projects and goals I’m working towards.

Click here to sign up and to learn more!

Thanks always for reading, and especially for considering & sharing!

Much love,


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Note: This subscription is solely to the Perks Package Program. This is not the same as subscribing to my website which you’ll be prompted to do upon checking out. I encourage you subscribe to my website, too, and you’ll also receive email updates on all sales, contests, events, new art and blog posts.