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BIG changes coming this year!

As I continue to define myself as a full-time Artist, I’m also gaining a better grasp on the operations of running my own Art Studio and Gallery.  After the last year working on my personal website perfecting it to be exactly what I need, I’m happy to announce it is now the “main hub” for EVERYTHING Aries Art!

I want to connect more closely with clients, collectors, exhibitions, galleries, and fans and I’ve built my website to do just that! Sadly, the algorithms used to manage un-paid business pages on social media make it difficult to stay connected through those platforms. I’ve attempted to make social media my main way’s of updating and connecting with you for the last 3 years as I also worked on the “start up” of it all, and while it’s allowed me to reach a wider audience- it doesn’t allow me to directly reach those who are truly interested in following more closely.

Let’s Connect

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I’m working on merging my blog & website subscriptions together, right now these are two separate subscriptions.

Signing up is FREE for both, and gets you access to ALL THINGS Aries Art!

Subscribe to my website to get updates on sales, contests, events and more direct to your in-box. Sometimes these things will be posted to social media, but subscribing ensures you don’t miss a thing AND gets you access to exclusive offers only available to subscribers. Website subscribers also get FIRST LOOK at new artworks & products! This will especially be ideal for collectors interested in originals as well as limited edition prints & products, giving you an advance chance to secure! Don’t wait to sign up- there’s currently some awesome sales and offers going on for the holidays that you won’t want to miss!

Subscribe to this blog to get updates when I post! I’ll be posting pictures & videos of the process as well as events and more all right here. Just like I was to Facebook, only now subscribers to the blog can get updates direct to their in-box as soon as a post is made! I’ll also be sharing stories about the process and the inspiration behind each piece here on my blog. 

Again, I’ll still be posting to social media (facebook & instagram) just not near as much and mostly re-cap’s/updates of what’s being posted here on my website! THIS IS WHERE IT’S AT!

I’m hopeful that this change will also encourage me to focus on my goals this next year which not only includes further improvements to the site & merchandising but mainly MAKING MORE ART! More big changes are coming this year and I can’t wait to share it all with you! Subscribe to my blog & website to stay up to date!

MUCH LOVE and thanks ALWAYS for your continued support!! Be sure to share this update with anyone you think might be interested, too!

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