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Inside look: Perks Package Program

Enrollment opened for the Perks Package Program last month, with subscribers getting access to some pretty amazing deals, contests and more.

Here’s an inside look at just some of the Perks Sponsor’s qualify for!

An initial investment of $25.00 gets you a Mystery Merch. Pack consisting of 10 misc. merch. items featuring my artworks, with a min. value of $35.00 you save AND are also subscribed to the Perks Package Program email list. Watch the video to learn more.

Every purchase is an investment in to my journey but my Perks Package Program is in lieu of creating Kickstarters for specific projects- a way for you to see exactly how your purchases are helping me. It’s also like a subscription service, especially awesome for Aries Art Collectors! BIG savings & contests are now exclusive to subscribers, too! Previously these were things I offered publicly and while I’ll still have occasional offers like this, it’ll be nothing like the Perks Packages.

Once you’ve enrolled you also get immediate access to any active Perks Packages which consist of even more opportunities to save MAJORLY as well as contests, exclusive content, and more!

New Packages are released monthly and at a variety of price tiers.

There’s no monthly commitment, no reoccurring charges. Once you’ve enrolled, you’re subscribed to receive these monthly Perks Package emails.

Check out some of January’s Perks Packages below!

Only those who’ve enrolled to my Perks Package Program get access to these sponsorship packages! They get an email with the live-links that allow them to make their investment and also read more about the project goal.

Sponsor’s will also get access to things that aren’t currently available to the public! Coloring pages are now only available as part of these Packages, and all of the original artworks created for Girls Drawin’ Girls that are not part of a series will only be available to Sponsor’s this year!

This month also includes a pretty amazing offer for securing my final digital art commission slot left in 2018! That’s not all- there’s even more, including ways to earn stuff for FREE!

Enroll today for access!

Purchases & donations are always appreciated, this year I’ve got some BIG goals I’m working towards and especially appreciate you considering becoming a sponsor of my journey!

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