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Private Painting Parties with Yours Truly

Occasionally I receive requests for Private Painting Parties and since it’s not something I’m actively promoting or pursuing I thought I would take a moment to answer publicly- YES! This is definitely something I have experience with and am open to!

Ultimately it would depend on my schedule, but I would love an opportunity to get crafty WITH you. This is also a great way for me to raise funds! Click here for more information about booking a Private Painting Party with me!

Speaking of fund raising…

As mentioned in a previous blog post,  I’m heading back home to the Portland-Metro area for the entire month of May and while I’m lucky enough to be able to take my work on the road with me, I have a lot of fundraising to do in order to make this actually happen!!!

I’ve been working to find local art-jobs for while I’m there and am actively booking Private Painting Parties as well! I’m hopeful this will be a great chance to meet and connect with my local fans & followers!

Click here to read more about this trip…

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Thanks always for reading and for your consideration!

Much love,