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Commissions & Custom Orders

I love and appreciate custom orders! I’ve done a variety of custom projects from logo art to custom concept portraits, houses, landscapes & more! These projects have also been created on a variety of surfaces beyond canvas & paper such as musical instruments, clothing, toys etc. (Click here to see my gallery).

These first couple years have been mostly funded by the income made from custom orders which I am extremely thankful for. Accepting these orders in the earlier years funded events, merchandise and so much more! I mean it when I say, none of this is possible without YOU! It has also been great practice and has allowed me to promote my array of skills and services. 

It was never my intention to be a custom-order artist though.

Making these orders priority over my own ideas has begun hindering me from accomplishing the growth and development I seek at this phase in my career.

In 2018 I aim to do one thing mostly and that is MAKE MORE ART! I have a better understanding and feel for how I want to proceed going forward and recently made the operational changes required to remain focused on both my professional goals and personal projects.

I’ve implemented a Commission schedule that allows me to continue accepting these special projects without hindering! 

Ultimately, the amount of commissions I can accept within a year will depend on my personal project schedule as well as the details of the custom project (thus timing). There’s currently only ONE spot left for 2018’s Commission Schedule!

If you’re considering something custom as a gift, I can give you a “something custom is being made for you” card to gift in the mean time!

Discounts are given when commissioning me to create something from my personal list of ideas and depending on where that concept is placed within my personal que- it might even get done earlier than an entirely custom concept piece!!

Whether you’re interested in funding my next project OR commissioning something custom contact me today to discuss!

Learn more about Commissions

Here’s an example of some of the custom options I can offer- I would also really love to take on some more digital artworks, as well as some custom house/architecture/landscape pieces!

Pulling back on commissions initially means pulling back in other ways.

All of the income made from the sale of my artworks, be it original or custom, go back in to Aries Art. While I remain hopeful my fans and collectors will continue to admire and invest in my original ideas as they have been, I realize that in limiting the number of commission/custom orders this may result in a loss of income for a period of time. But that’s okay!

This played major part in my decision to roll out the new Perks Package Program. My subscription service that gives sponsor’s access to all sorts of offers and goodies exclusively in exchange for their contributions to my goals! For example, this month one of the Package choices is an AMAZING offer to secure that last Commission spot for 2018!

I’m hopeful this will help compensate for any losses.

Click here to learn more about becoming a sponsor.

Thanks for your consideration, and for reading!

Much Love,