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Best Coast Opening Reception

I can’t say THANK YOU enough to all my friends, family and fans that came out to show me love & support at the Opening event on May 4th! We had SO MUCH FUN celebrating this monumental occasion with you all.

Just over 8 months of planning, organizing and coordinating wrapped up in to one evening, that also included a visit from my long time favorite Portland artist AND a special appearance by a musician from a popular Portland band!

The first stop exhibit is a group art show consisting of both Northwest AND Midwest artists I’ve met along the way!

Myself along with Portland artist Katie Costa & Indianapolis artist Miranda Thomas installed 45 original art pieces total and invited Portland DJ Travis McFadden & Indianapolis band Indyca to provide our guests with rad sounds to wiggle to throughout the evening!

Being an artist can feel like a very thankless job. Months and months of hard work most of which many can’t see and rarely do we ever receive proper compensation let alone recognition to a degree in which you feel rewarded. These events are some of our only opportunities to achieve that and I don’t just mean financially but mentally, emotionally and creatively! The feedback at these events is what inspires and motivates me to persevere and to maintain focus despite how unaccomplished I can feel at times. Furthermore, to be able to share this experience with your friends & family (and for me, for the FIRST TIME EVER) is especially HUGE! This is where you learn who really supports you and who doesn’t and it’s through their positive feedback that I truly feel I’m doing exactly what I should be. I’ve always said I couldn’t do this with ya’all, and I mean it. This event was the best way to celebrate with those who’ve supported me from the jump, right here on my home turf.

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 My heart is full, THANK YOU Portland!

Our exhibit will be up at Future Shock through the end of the month and we are also working on organizing a special closing event, too! If you haven’t yet, subscribe to my website for updates!

For more pictures of my day to day tour adventures, check out my stories on Instagram!

I will do my best to continue keeping you updated, posting pictures and videos as often as time allows including all the painting parties I’ve been doing to help fund my day to day expenses on the road!!

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Thanks always for reading!

Much Love,