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No rest for the wicked…

It’s been just over a week since I set off on the road trip from Indiana to Washington, and SO much has happened since then, too!

I split the 35 hour drive in to 4 days and made sure to drop art pieces at nearly every pit stop we made!

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If you’re on Instagram, check out my stories there to see if any art pieces have been dropped near you! I will continue dropping as I tour around Washington & Oregon AND along my road trip back to Indiana at the end of the month!

Once I landed at my temporary homestead in Washington I had just enough time to catch up on some rest, computer work, unload the car and reload it with everything for the Opening art reception at Future Shock, in Portland, OR.



This first stop exhibit is a group art show consisting of both Northwest AND Midwest artists I’ve met along the way!

Myself along with Portland artist Katie Costa & Indianapolis artist Miranda Thomas installed 45 original art pieces on my first day here, as we prepared the space and final details for the opening event the following day!

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I’ve been posting more pictures of my day to day adventures to my stories on Instagram, check it out!

I will do my best to continue keeping you updated from the road, posting pictures and videos as often as time allows including more from the Opening Reception event on May 4th!

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Thanks always for reading!

Much Love,