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NEW Painting: The Wizard is He

I don’t paint men often, in fact I’ve only done 2 male paintings so far and neither were based off someone from real-life. I really wanted the next Male character to be a Merlin of sorts, and knew this meant it’d be a painting of my Dad.

My Dad has always been a fan of fantasy artworks featuring wizards, warlocks and dragons. As a child if I had cash to buy him gifts for his birthday or Christmas, it was usually a fantasy art poster from one of the poster stores in the mall.

I started out by drawing my sketch on the ipad and then had it printed on a larger scale so I could easily transfer my lines to canvas to ensure everything was in the right place. This is a common method I use for creating the custom characters, it ensures my guidelines are all in the right spots helping me paint the character to appear as much like the person in real-life as possible.

I continue to work on my video content and this provided another great opportunity to work on both my camera angles & editing, while filming the creation process from beginning to end. Here’s the full-length time lapse video!

I also post pictures and short clips of the process to my instagram page, this is where you can follow the day-to-day!

The original painting is being gifted to my Dad for his 50th Birthday.

He’s always hung the things I’ve made for him with such pride, I’m happy to finally give him something of quality to display! It meant a lot to me to be able to finish it in the Washington forests he loves so much!

Once I give this to him I’ll ask for his permission to make prints of this piece.

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