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What’s The Deal: Perks Package Program

Perks Package Program subscribers get access to some pretty amazing deals, contests and more! Check out previous blog posts here for an inside look at previous months.

Different Perks Packages release monthly, and only those who’ve enrolled will get access!

Once enrolled you’re added to the Perks Package Program email list where you’ll get Package opportunities sent direct to your in-box! Click here to learn more about enrolling and becoming a sponsor of my journey!

Just like every other month, July’s Perks Packages are chalked full of amazing offers, savings and exclusive experiences! Once enrolled, there is no monthly commitment, just keep your eye out for the Perks Package emails! You’ll always have access to opportunities to earn goodies and experiences for FREE just for staying subscribed!

For the month of July I tried something new, a Lottery! There were a variety of ways to invest/buy-in to the Lottery this month and once you did, you achieved unlocked rewards from that point forward through all investments/buy-in’s! As a group we unlocked 5 add-on’s, with those who bought in earlier in the month achieving the most rewards of all.

Those who invested/bought-in this month also earned an entry in to a drawing for a free small original watercolor painting PLUS all the awesome perks that came with whichever package deal they chose!

July’s packages were also super awesome and super exclusive, including things like Smoking Lady jars AND limited edition Grinders.

ALL of the packages are created as a fundraising effort. Those enrolled get to learn more about the bigger goal at hand and what exactly their package investments are funding. They get a great deal on my art and merchandise in exchange for helping me make my dreams reality!

Sometimes there will be packages that include limited hand painted products, where investors get one of my custom ideas hand painted on a product in exchange for their investment towards my personal concepts! August’s packages are filled with a variety of these offerings and proceeds from these investments will go towards my goal of upgrading my drawing device. This month this includes a variety of hand painted product options PLUS these package deals on quick-draw custom characters!

Every purchase is an investment in to my journey. My Perks Package Program is in lieu of creating a G0-Fund-Me or Kickstarter for specific projects- a way for you to see exactly how your purchases are helping me.

Often times this also includes access to exclusive products or early release offers. For example, coloring pages are not currently available for sale but there are typically Perks Packages that include coloring page offers AND next month this includes some AWESOME coloring packages that include posters AND more!

This is just some examples of what it means to enroll. It’s only an initial investment of $25 to enroll which also includes 10 misc. merch. items! It’s a MAJOR savings from the jump and then you’re subscribed to get access to all the monthly Perks Package offers like these, going forward!

Occasionally, I will run specials or offers on the enrollment pack like this Grinder Enrollment Special going on now through the 31st!

You get this limited edition item while also helping fund the public release, and then you’re enrolled for access to it all!

Subscribe to my website here for updates as soon as there’s other offers like this!

This all is just a small taste of what’s available to those enrolled! I have some exciting stuff going on this year and I can’t wait to spoil those who want to get involved – I’ve got some amazing things in store for those enrolled!!!

Enroll today for access!

Thanks for reading!

Much love,