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Aries Art Goes West…AGAIN!

In addition to having my very first art tour out West this last Spring, Girls Drawin’ Girls has been showcasing my artworks & merchandise at most all of their West Coast events so far this year.

Recently, this included the International Comic Con in San Diego!

I aspire to have my own booth at these events one day but until then, I’m beyond honored to have my artworks there AND represented by this group of amazingly talented female illustrators from all over the world!

Many of their events are in California with occasional showcases and exhibits all over the world- be sure you’re following them for updates on ALL things GDG! Scope out their facebook page for pictures and even video of the discussion panel they hosted there, too!

I can’t wait to be more involved with these events & projects going forward and am especially excited to have my artworks available to fans & collectors all over!!!

I’m headed West again, this time for the Bay Area Ganja Goddess Getaway!

I’ve been invited to teach a series of cannabis inspired creative workshops at their retreats, held in states where recreational use is legal. These members-only events are for identifying women to come explore and learn more about this plant and all it offers, including creative exploration! I’ll also have a small pop-up of prints, merch. and exclusive Smoking Lady art products to shop there at the retreat!


I’m beyond honored for this opportunity and can’t WAIT to create & meditate with my girl gang! I’m especially hopeful I’ll be able to raise enough funds at the Bay Area getaway to continue going back, and be a fixture in this this amazing team of women leading the way in the cannabis industry!

I’ll have more details on tickets soon- subscribe to my website here for updates as soon as they’re available!

Long term, in addition to the connections I’d be making at these events, I’d especially love to be able to extend my trips for longer periods and work to find other opportunities to showcase my artworks while already in the city the retreat is in. I’d especially love it if I could overlap one of my Ganja Goddess Getaway events with a Girls Drawin’ Girls event!

At the beginning of the year I hadn’t planned to intentionally avoid showcasing my artworks in Indy, and have taken advantage of every opportunity to do so that’s been within my budget. However, I kept making comments to those close to me that I was starting to feel like I needed to begin extending my roots beyond this city. This was a big reason I decided to join forces with Girls Drawin’ Girls! 

The opportunity to tour the West Coast with my artworks presented itself as well and then soon after returning, the opportunity to work with the Getaway. I take these things as a sign that I’m doing exactly what I should be right now, and that’s especially exciting!

The next month I’m focused on raising funds! I’m working with those enrolled in to my Perks Package Program to sell my services and current inventory- they get MAJOR savings in exchange for helping me reach these time pressing goals. Read more about this program in my recent blog post here.

I’ll be dropping art along the way again, too!

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Thanks for reading! 2018 is my year, I know it! I can’t wait to share more with you!

Much love,