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Smoking Ladies go to the Ganja Goddess Getaway

When I first saw a viral video on facebook for the Ganja Goddess Getaway last year, I shared it to my personal page proclaiming “I FOUND MY TRIBE!” And that I did, only – I could have never predicted in the way that I have.

From that point on I began working towards getting involved with this organization. I immediately became familiar with their motto, intentions and goals and knew this was MUCH MORE than a personal connection. This was something Aries Art needed to be connected with, too. We share the same values and have the same message which includes creative expression, self love, healing and more – and through the use of cannabis, too.

I noticed that they oftentimes shared smoke inspired lady art to their social media pages and were always sure to pay credit to the Artist (something that’s a requirement of mine). I reached out through a message, sending over one of my Smoking Lady Series artworks and giving permission to share. They responded with excitement and I was even more excited than they were when I saw it hit their facebook & instagram! Of course, they tagged my pages too which then increased my following and fan base some, even including a commission from one of their members!

We stayed in touch since and I’ve even had the pleasure of connecting more closely with their founders, discussing ways to get myself and my Smoking Ladies involved with their amazing movement, a collaborative partnership of sorts. I followed closely, looking in on all the events they were doing and continued to express my interest in getting involved.

Then, this July I received the invite to teach/lead Creative workshops and various crafts at the next event I could be available for. I immediately began making plans to head to the West Coast one more time this year!

I packed up the Smoking Ladies and made my way West. This time with the hopes and intentions of sharing my Smoking Lady artworks with the Goddesses, to create with them and to also drop my artworks in a location I’m yet to do so!

What I hadn’t expected, was to leave feeling a part of something I couldn’t ever imagine leaving behind.

I participated in many of the workshops throughout the weekend learning more than I could have ever imagined. Not just about cannabis either, but about myself.

I learned about their 5 High Standards which are all things that align with the woman I aspire to be.

I made friends with every single woman there and left with an action plan to not only return, but to return to as many of the getaways as I possibly can.

These events aren’t just for the experienced user either. This is the safest place I could think of for someone looking to try cannabis for their first time. Many of the staff/volunteers are highly educated on the plant and are more than happy to share their wealth of knowledge with you. There’s various way’s to consume this plant and enjoy it’s benefits and they celebrate them all through the weekend! Cannabis isn’t the only lady they’re celebrating there either, their format is all about celebrating ourselves as women, and one another too!

Words cannot properly encompass my gratitude for also having been provided with the opportunity to share my Smoking Lady artworks AND to also create with the Goddesses through cannabis!

It was beyond an honor to be involved with this event on a volunteer level as well, I not only worked the arts & crafts alongside my Aries Art booth but I also worked through the weekend to ensure all of the guests had the best experience possible, creatively and more!

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Since I’ve been back I find my mind constantly wandering back to how right it felt to be there that weekend. Personally, professionally and spiritually. I often find myself thinking “I want to move-in” and although that’s not actually possible, I think this is the universe’s way of telling me I found where I belong. Telling me that this is something I need to continue pursuing.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m riding the train of life, letting it lead me. At this time it seems to be leading me to many more Ganja Goddess Getaway’s!

I HIGHly hope you consider joining me for a future retreat! Their 2019 calendar has some awesome events on it and I’m currently working towards being a part of as much as I possibly can! Click here to learn more about this organization, their payment plans, and how to become a member/attend a getaway!

Check out my stories on Instagram for more pictures & videos of it ALL and to see if any art was dropped near you! I’ll be deleting these in the coming days, so don’t wait!

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Much Love,