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Perks Package Program- Enroll now & SAVE MAJORLY!

Perks Package Program subscribers get access to some pretty amazing deals, contests and more!

Check out previous blog posts here for an inside look at previous months!

Different Perks Packages release monthly, and only those who’ve enrolled get access!

Once enrolled you’re added to the Perks Package Program email list where you’ll get Package opportunities sent direct to your in-box! There is no monthly commitment, just keep your eye out for the Perks Package emails! You’ll always have access to opportunities to earn goodies and experiences for FREE just for staying subscribed!

Those enrolled will have access to all my BEST holiday sales this year!

Just like every other month, September’s Perks Packages are chalked full of amazing offers, savings and exclusive experiences – we’re having our very first Art Auction!

This isn’t my first Art Auction ever but it is the first one I’m doing since starting this program and the first one exclusive to those enrolled. This isn’t just a way to name your price on some of my artworks and products, there’s also a ton of stuff included that isn’t available to the general public!

Some of the items are also contests where every bid is an entry in to a drawing for free prints and more, and also include hand painted products that are guaranteed to be ready for you by the holiday.

This month Sponsor’s also have the ability to pre-reserve this custom Blazy Susan I’m working on right now! There’s no guarantee I’ll be given another opportunity to do this either!

Their investments not only get them something unique and handmade but also increase my chances of collaborating with this company again!

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This is just some examples of the amazing things you get access to and ways to save as an enrolled Sponsor of my journey! Click here to read more.

ALL of the packages are created as a fundraising effort. Those enrolled get to learn more about the bigger goal at hand and what exactly their package investments are funding. They get a great deal on my art and merchandise in exchange for helping me make my dreams reality!

Every purchase is an investment in to my journey. My Perks Package Program is in lieu of creating a G0-Fund-Me or Kickstarter for specific projects- a way for you to see exactly how your purchases are helping me.

It’s only an initial investment of $25 to enroll which also includes 10 misc. merch. items! It’s a MAJOR savings from the jump and then you’re subscribed to get access to all the monthly Perks Package offers like these, going forward!

Occasionally, I will run specials or offers on the enrollment pack, too!

Subscribe to my website here for updates!

This all is just a small taste of what’s available to those enrolled! I have some exciting stuff going on this year and I can’t wait to spoil those who want to get involved – I’ve got some amazing things in store for those enrolled!!!

Enroll today for access!

Thanks for reading!

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