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Arting While Moving

From downsizing in Indiana to living minimally in Washington, just as it took me a few weeks to prepare- it’s taken me a few weeks to get settled in and unpacked. It is with much thanks to my supporters that I’ve been able to continue working through it all – from the cross-country move to time on the road!

My art studio was one of the last things to get packed up in Indy, as I rapidly worked to complete as much of the pending physical projects in my queue as possible. Not only was space tight on the move back, I knew it was going to be a good 1-2 months before these projects & supplies would be unpacked.

This included the Blazy Susan tray that I had been working on for a few weeks, which sold more quickly than I could get it listed online!

This was especially exciting as the success of this piece sealed my collaborative partnership with this product/company and we’ve since been working out details for future collabs!

Watch the full length time-lapse video below!

The timely sale of that piece then also helped fund the next tray that I’ve been painting on- more updates on that to come!

Once the studio was packed up, I began focusing full-time on digital art. My iPad and laptop travel with me for easy access, and this also allowed me to continue creating during this time!

My iPad was funded solely by the support of those interested in my digital art which made me feel BEYOND honored to have been able to utilize this tool as intended. To be able to show my sponsors their investments being put to work meant a lot to me.

I hope it means a lot them to see that this device kept Aries Art going and me creating during this multi-month transitional time!

Here’s a couple of the digital projects I was able to complete (coincidentally all digital quick-draw’s commissioned by the Sponsor’s that participated in the fundraiser, too!)

Also with this device I’ve been expanding my digital art offerings. One of my favorite features of Instagram is their stories, which you can then save to categorized highlight boards which remain on your page. This is an awesome way to document the day-to-day and also further brand your page! Beyond that, you can select a cover photo for the highlight board and it’s impossible not to get creative with this feature! Starting with my own page, I created a series of icon artworks to be used for this purpose. I loved them so much I even used them on my website (for now at least).

I was then given the opportunity to create custom icon art packages for two canna-event companies and am actively seeking more like this!

I have such fun making these and can make them to match your current logo/branding as I did for these companies, or I can create a new custom logo for you, too!

This is just the stuff I completed before leaving Indiana- I still have A LOT to catch you up on including everything I’ve created and done in the 3 months since!

Thanks always for reading!!

Much love,