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Retainer Packages

Add Mindie to your team for a term while utilizing ALL her creative offerings and skills however you see fit! Aries Art retainers include a major discount when you commit to working together on a term basis vs. at will/freelance. The longer the term the more you get and save!

Services include visual identity projects like logos, lettering, color palettes, stationary, merch etc. Album/poster art & promotional materials/invites. Product packaging & design. Clothing & screen printed designs. Social media management, content creation, feed curation. WIX web-savvy, design & management. Video productions & photography. Indefinite FULL ownership rights to everything we create together!

Fill out this form to begin the process!

An invoice will be emailed soon with only 50% deposit due now!
The remainder is due at the halfway point of your decided term!

    Each month includes 20 hours designated solely to your brand.

    3 Mo. - $4.5K ($75hr)6 Mo. - $8K ($66hr)9 Mo. - $10K ($55hr)12 Mo. - $12K ($50hr)

    You choose whether this is spread out over the month or if we commit to 5 hours a week, or 10 hours every 2 weeks- all depending on your creative needs for the term!