Loyal Investor SHIPPING PACKAGE- unlimited orders, no shipping for a whole year



A frequent shoppers dream! This package gets you NO SHIPPING for 12 months!

Order as many items and times as you’d like over the next year, your code will remove the cost to ship every time you order for 12 months!

Good for items ordered in the PPP members only shop AND the public shop!

My hope in offering this for loyal sponsors of this program is to save you even more in the year ahead while helping you take advantage of the PPP discounted shopping periods, and more!

How this helps: Someone has to pay for shipping which means offering free shipping usually means a financial loss on my end, UNLESS I mark my items up even more. I prefer transparency and keep the prices at market with shipping added seperately. As I’ve put more thought in to how to offer free shipping to those of you who invest consistently I’ve come up with this alternative, kind of like a prime or wally world membership. Although the package price hardly covers the cost to ship a small package once monthly, this at least eases the expenses some in my efforts to bring you the best offers possible and in hopes to encourage more frequent shopping/investing. Thank you, Mindie

You will be sent your code via email within 48 hours of checking out. The code will be good for 12 months from the date in which you purchase this package. 

All Perks Packages are non refundable, please keep this in mind when ordering. This includes this package and even if you don’t use your code at all over the next year. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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