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NEW Illustration: All Ears

I recently finished the next addition to my Calendar Series, ‘All Ears.’ A smaller scaled illustration done with Prismacolor markers & colored pencils as well as water colors (background).

I’ve been working on my video content and used this as an opportunity to work on both my camera angles & editing, while filming the creation process from beginning to end. Here’s the full-length time lapse video!

I also post pictures and short clips of the process to my instagram page, this is where you can follow the day-to-day!

The original illustration is available for sale!

Enrolled Sponsors of my Perks Package Program were sent a code for $20.00 off the asking price- click here to learn more about enrolling to get access to special offers like this!

The secondary background that I painted allows me to render this illustration as a variety of prints and products, too!

Towards the end of the video you’ll see me using it to create an egg shape behind the character for more unique print renderings!

I submitted this piece to Girls Drawin’ Girls for the Easter holiday! They haven’t posted any drawing prompts for the subject, yet- but with my Calendar Series of seasonal inspired pin-up’s, I couldn’t resist and I’m hopeful they’ll share it to their social media pages for the holiday! Click here to see past pieces in the series, and here to shop all available series pieces.

Fun fact: I was born on Easter! It’s only fallen on my birthday once, since but, it’s totally “my” holiday!

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