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Exclusive: Perks Package Program

Perks Package Program subscribers get access to some pretty amazing deals, contests and more! Last month I gave you an inside look at January’s packages & offers- if you missed that post, click here to check it out!

Different Perks Packages release monthly, and only those who’ve enrolled will get access!

Once enrolled you’re added to the Perks Package Program email list where you’ll get Package opportunities sent direct to your in-box! Click here to learn more about enrolling and becoming a sponsor of my journey!

Just like last month, February’s Perks Packages are chalked full of amazing offers, savings and exclusive experiences! Once enrolled, there is no monthly commitment, just keep your eye out for the Perks Package emails! You’ll always have access to opportunities to earn goodies and experiences for FREE just for staying subscribed!

Those who enrolled in to my Perks Package Program got a FREE pin-back art button just for visiting me at one of my events earlier this month! This is in addition to the monthly “show it off” picture contests, referral rewards and more- ONLY available to sponsor’s who’ve enrolled!

February also includes some fun Valentine’s art offers as well as a package designed specially for local Indiana investors! This month’s “Indiana Art Lover Package” is full of Indiana themed art merch. and even more exclusive opportunities to save and earn just for going to my events and/or hosting a Private Painting Party! All only for $15!

I’ll have more offers and opportunities like this and not just here in Indiana, either- but anywhere I’m showing my art! This year that includes California, Oregon and Washington!!

Sometimes there will be packages that include limited hand painted products, where investors get one of my custom ideas hand painted on a product in exchange for their investment towards my personal concepts! Thanks to a generous $20 investment this month, I get to bring to life one of my ideas for the hand painted Pocket Journals which will be sent to the sponsor as soon as it’s finished!

I used to offer custom orders for products like this but I have so many ideas of my own- that is my focus this year! I am so thankful for those who invest in my journey and they get exclusive access to these types of things in exchange for their encouragement!

Every purchase is an investment in to my journey. My Perks Package Program is in lieu of creating a G0-Fund-Me or Kickstarter for specific projects- a way for you to see exactly how your purchases are helping me.

Every Perks Package email includes updates on current projects & goals and also includes details as to what projects certain package proceeds might be allocated to. Often times it also includes access to exclusive products or early release offers. For example, coloring pages are not currently available for sale but there are typically Perks Packages that include coloring page offers AND this month I also have a very special coloring page opportunity for those enrolled!

I found a printing company that can print my coloring pages as posters! They’ve offered me an amazing discount deal for doing a test-run which would allow me to preview the quality and also try them out with various coloring tools to ensure this is something I want to make the bulk-order investment in to. As previously mentioned though, by pulling back from commissions and custom orders my income has taken a hit. This means less funds for merchandise testing and stocking but it is one of the main reasons I created the Perks Package Program!

I’m extending the discount deal to my sponsors in hopes that there might be some that would be interested in helping me with this! In addition to getting the coloring poster, which are not available at this time, they get to choose which Aries Art coloring page they want AND for over 50% off the retailed price!

It’s only an initial investment of $25 to enroll which also includes 10 misc. merch. items! It’s a MAJOR savings from the jump and then you’re subscribed to get access to all the monthly Perks Package offers like these, going forward!

Occasionally, I will run specials or offers on the enrollment pack like this Holiday Enrollment Special I offered early February! This package was built specially for the holiday and was made available at a major discount and allowing folks to enroll for only $15, too!

Subscribe to my website here for updates as soon as there’s an offer like this!

This all is just a small taste of what’s available this month! I have some exciting stuff going on this year and I can’t wait to spoil those who want to get involved – I’ve got some amazing things in store for those enrolled!!!

Enroll today for access!

Thanks for reading!

Much love,