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Best Coast- New artworks, Art Drop, etc.

I’ve been back in Indy for a week and things are just now slowing down enough to begin processing everything from the last 6 weeks on the road!

The Best Coast Art Tour was created with the hopes and intentions of spreading my art around the PNW through exhibitions, painting parties, pop-up events and even art drops.

There’s no denying the beauty of this area or the impact it has on me creatively. My hope was to also create new artworks while in the area. The moment I’m back in between these mountains and hills, the creativity starts pulsating through me.

I wasn’t able to get as much time for this as I had hoped but I was able to whip up a couple “Best Coast” paintings exclusively for the Last Stop Exhibit on the tour!

These art pieces are currently on exhibit in my hometown of Vancouver, WA at Angst Gallery, up through June 23rd. Click here for more details.

I also finished up the work on this custom character piece, created as a gift for my Dad’s 50th Birthday, one of the family affairs I wanted to be back home for last month.

“The Wizard Is He” will be available as limited prints & merch., subscribe to my website for updates as soon as items like this are released!

Click here for the full-length progress video and more details on this art piece.

Thankfully there was an opportunity to also link up with Indianapolis Artist Miranda Thomas, who was also working in the area for the month. We threw some paint on a canvas while enjoying the scenery and one thing led to another! Check out my Instagram for some videos of the process.

We are both excited to resume working on this once settled back in, here in Indianapolis.

Miranda was also able to join me on a couple tours of local galleries, artist studios and more as we worked to connect with the community while there. Click here to see more.

From Indiana to Washington & Oregon and then back to Indiana, it was an adventure I’m blessed to have had with sincerest thanks and gratitude to those who support me! Your investments in to my artwork keep this creative train rolling and I really couldn’t do any of this without ya’all!

I took this opportunity to sprinkle Aries Art around the country and dropped art prints, buttons & stickers in EVERY state I traveled through! I dropped multiple pieces around all of my events, and will continue to drop around Indy in the coming weeks! Here’s some of my favorite pictures taken along the way!

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Check out my stories on Instagram for more pictures & videos of it ALL and to see if anything has been dropped near you!

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Much Love,


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