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All Rainbows Lead to Gold

The Aries Art Perks Package Program is proof of that!! Right now you can enroll for only $15 which also gets you 4 colorful coffee mugs hand painted by me!

I’ve been having such fun using a technique with alcohol ink to make these beautiful rainbow marbled coffee mugs!

One of the main goals for this program is to find sponsors who support me in staying focused on my personal projects & ideas. It’s when my imagination is allowed to run free that the truly unique pieces and artworks come to life.

This special enrollment pack isn’t just a MAJOR savings for those looking to enroll, it’s also access to exclusive offers and experiences like this going forward.

You get spoiled with all sorts of amazing offers and products in exchange for your investments towards my creative journey. Currently these mugs are not available for sale to the public, just one of the many unique hand painted products available to sponsor’s this month! (Click here to purchase/enroll!)

Different Perks Packages release monthly, and only those who’ve enrolled get access!

Scope out some examples of what these Packages have included in past:

Exclusive: Perks Package Program (Inside look at February 2018’s Packages)

Inside Look: Perks Package Program (January 2018’s Packages)

Click here to learn more about enrolling and becoming a sponsor of my journey!

March’s Perks Packages are just as awesome as the months before! Possibly more so….

This month includes a handful of limited hand painted product packages! Currently these items are not available to the public and only available while supplies last. In addition to getting access to stuff like this, Sponsor’s also get MAJOR discounts in exchange for their investments which allow me to focus on creating unique and original artworks on these fun & functional things!

This is in addition to the friends & family referral program where sponsor’s not only get a coupon code to share with friends & family who want to enroll, they ALSO earn FREE goodies for every enrolled sponsor they send my way!!

March also includes a package designed specially for local Indiana investors! This month’s “Indiana Art Lover Package” is full of Indiana themed art merch. and even more exclusive opportunities to save and earn just for hosting a Private Painting Party! All only for $15!

I’ll have more offers and opportunities like this and not just here in Indiana, either- but anywhere I’m showing my art! This year that includes California, Oregon and Washington!!

This all is just a small taste of what’s available this month! I have some exciting stuff going on this year and I can’t wait to spoil those who want to get involved – I’ve got some amazing things in store for those enrolled!!! And don’t forget- there’s NO monthly commitments or re-occurring charges!

Enroll today for access!

Thanks for reading!

Much love,